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amanda_mary [userpic]
by amanda_mary (amanda_mary)
at 18th February 2009 (13:16)

current mood: disappointed

For anyone in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area ... . I have two young children, so it's unlikely that I'll be able to make it, which is terribly disappointing.

Ruadhan J McElroy [userpic]
Two More Days!
by Ruadhan J McElroy (newdance)
at 31st August 2008 (20:51)
current song: Suzie Zuzek - Deepest Blue

Two more days until War Requiem and Derek come out on DVD!

Who else is excited!

I'm eagerly anticipating the release of The Garden on DVD, as well, but alas, I still haven't a date on that yet.  Anybody heard anything about it?

Ruadhan J McElroy [userpic]
First post
by Ruadhan J McElroy (newdance)
at 16th August 2008 (14:49)
current song: Makin' Time - Boom Boom | Scrobbled by Last.fm

Hello, I'm Ruadhan, and I'm the community admin.

I started this community because I decided that there was a need for one — or at least as much of a need for a Derek Jarman community as there was a for a Klaus Nomi community.

I first became aware of Derek Jarman about four years ago. I was really into Toyah Wilcox at the time and decided to see Jubilee. My room-mate thought that the film was pretentious crap — I thought it was beautiful and wonderful and the greatest thing ever. I then immediately had to buy the DVD and then had to get Sebastiane a few months later.

In 2006, when my room-mate and I still had cable, I taked Caravaggio off of Retroplex — now that I have the Glitterbox DVD set, I'd love to give the VHS tape to somebody else, it's actually a pretty decent copy (better than the local video rental's copy), except for the fact that it has A Thorsand Clowns and Ken Russell's Valentino on the same tape (among other films), and I just can't part with either film, especially not Rudolf Nureyev's mighty and uncut naked penis (though if you have another copy of both other films on VHS, I'd be willing to trade, since both films do not yet seem to be in print on R1/NTSC DVD at the moment).

I've been slowly collecting Jarman's films since, and recently acquired the Glitterbox DVD set, despite being dreadfully broke, financially, but having very kind friends, it seems.

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